Our Mission Is Simple

We believe small businesses and the people who run them are the backbones of our local, national, and global economies. We are dedicated to helping these local small business grow online.

Who We Are

We specialize in small business SEO, and there are some important differences between SMB clients and the bigger guys. Let's give you a quick rundown.

Eagle Eye Media is an award winning provider of digital marketing solutions to local businesses located in Eugene, Oregon. Like you, we are entrepreneurial in spirit and focused on providing exceptional service to our clients. When you partner with us, your business has a truly integrated marketing program designed to increase your visibility online, drive visitors to your website and generate leads. Best of all, you get ALL your digital marketing from a single source, all working together to deliver the best possible result, while saving you time, money and frustration.

When you partner with EEM to grow your business online you get a dedicated team of industry experts who collaborate on everything from your digital marketing strategy to design and development, to analytics and optimization, to content and performance management. We take a deep dive into your business and growth goals, and use proven strategies to help make them happen.

What Makes Us Different?

We build our own tools, we use our own technology, and most importantly, our experts live for exploring your options and doing things right. Everything we do and everyone we hire is dedicated to empowering small businesses with industry knowledge and data analysis so together, we can create growth opportunities for your business. As your full-service online marketing & SEO company, we customize a digital marketing strategy to help you reach your sales and marketing goals based in actual data and experience, not in personal opinions. With Eagle Eye Media you’ll get direct and honest feedback and as your partner, we'll welcome the same from you.

We Do

  • Focus on small businesses
  • Create long-term SEO strategies
  • Strategize personalized campaigns
  • Fulfill orders with an eye towards scalability

We Don't

  • Offer enterprise-level SEO
  • Do short-term projects
  • Believe one-size fits all
  • Sell by keyword or blog post

Meet Our Team

Nick Wiley

President & CEO

Nick is the founder and owner of Eagle Eye Media. He is an expert in search engine optimization, digital advertising management, and data analytics and measurement. As an entrepreneur himself, Nick identifies with the challenges of starting a business and trying to ‘get it all done’ with limited resources. He loves showing clients how they can level the playing field with an engaging online presence.

Greg Sad

Creative Director

Greg helps our clients in virtually all aspects of the marketing spectrum. Over his years of experience he helps business grow tremendously through an innovative approach to an integrated marketing approach. Greg takes point on all creative and content development projects that are required.

Zeljko Skipic

Web Developer

A coding genius who makes the project happen. This often quiet and unassuming member of the team is involved in building the technology that underlies every client project. A clinical eye for detail and attention to detail to work, Zeljko crafts websites that exceed the latest industry standards and your expectations.

Why Choose Us?

Our team of digital experts can help your businesses implement proven strategies to accelerate growth and increase ROI.

A Truly Experienced Digital Agency

A digital agency's capabilities, reliability, and longevity can be of major concern to those looking for the right agency to create their online presence and help their business grow. We’ve been a full-service agency building websites, branding, and marketing for satisfied clients since 2013 and we keep long-term relationships with many clients, updating and expanding their websites as needed from seedling to maturity growth phases.

With over 20 years combined experience in the marketplace, we have developed a dynamic development methodology to identify the proper ingredients that make a successful online business. These characteristics are incorporated into our clients’ websites, to fulfill and enhance all the objectives of the project at hand.

Affordable Services

Many agencies may be cheap up-front, however, it’s not cheap over the entire life of your project! If you add up all the features and services we have to offer, you receive a value few other competitors can match.

We are a very transparent agency. When we build a proposal for a potential client, we always include a full estimated breakdown of time required to complete a project.

Great Support

You can communicate easily with us. Our average hold time for technical support is exceptionally fast. There are several ways to reach us, either by Click to Chat (m to f, 9a-5p), Online Contact Form (usually within 1hr) or you can always give us a call and count on us to pick up or call you right back to help solve your problem.

Award Winning

While we are not in it for the awards and praise, it never hurts to be recognized for the great work that we do on behalf of our clients.

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